5th edition | A curated collection

Brought to you by Jo of H5 Interiors, 5th edition is a hand-picked selection of unique decorating accessories that are socially conscious and environmentally sensible.

An online catalogue of items collected from all kinds of people and places is curated here, just for you! So now you don’t have to go rummaging through flea markets and antique shops, knee-deep and not sure what you’re even looking for.

While browsing 5th edition, you’ll find original art, furniture and accessories that are vintage, up-cycled, custom designs and limited editions.

“The concept for a store had been brewing inside me for a long time – while designing and decorating so many homes I badly wanted to put together a collection of the many beautiful things I see while I’m running around town, shopping in the most unusual places. And here I am, proudly showing off 5th edition, it’s amazing! ”  – Jo

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